First day with Galaxy s7 (7 day blog style)

Last time I got a new phone I had lots of issues as well as features I liked in the first week of ownership but I completely forgot to post them. This time I will not make the same mistake and I will do all these posts with my new galaxy s7.

First the day started not the greatest with my less then epic salad.

I got my galaxy s7 all loaded up, it has been a some what great experience. The fact it includes a micro to standard USB adapter was great for quickly transferring all my old data and games over from my old note 3.

The accessories were not half bad like the above micro usb to usb adapter. Standard wall charger, usb cable and new style of earphones.

The earphones do have one issue, the new style is nice looking but are not nearly as loud or as comfortable as the old style. They do sound very crisp and clear but just not as cozy as the old round style.

The screen is crystal clear and the photos seem to always come out great even in bad lighting.

For day 2 we jump into the other item that is included with pre-ordered s7''s, the Samsung Gear VR.

If you want anything tested just ask 🙂

Day two:low light still sucks, don't you snow?

Day two did not start with salad but with crazy snow at 6am.

Low light quality is still not the greatest but instant focus is epic.

Things I really enjoyed today with the galaxy s7, tap to paste was improved majorly. The in game recording app looks great in principle but have not tried it yet.

Battery is awesome have not charged it all day left bt and GPS on all day and listened to music all day and sitting at 53% remaining 16 hours later.

Today will be a short day too much work to do but enjoy some photos of the city I took with my galaxy s7

The following image is zoomed

Then my walk around ikea

Tomorrow I will have a much better testing day.

Only issue today is the phone is slippery as fuck and fell out of my pocket twice at the gym.

Last three days have been busy but some of the features on the S7 have completely floored me in how well they were done

for one the Game Tools in App Recording feature is far more well done then I could of ever expected

Then when you go into settings:

You can even make your own commentary and pretty much turn your Galaxy S7 into a Twitch Streaming AIO setup.

What does the recording quality look like you might ask well it looks like 1080P 60FPS Masterrace goodness is how it looks
S7 in game recording app – 00:49
— Real Hardware Reviews

This phone just feels like a App reviewers dream phone. image quality in photos are epic, built in game recording with logo/webcam enabled as well as the ability to use your mic to make the recording your own.

The more I use VR Gear the less excited I get over it, its good but fogs up super easy and just is not as awe inspiring as I expected. It's good just not great.

The battery still keeps impressing me over a full days user while playing games is really hard to beat.

I'll try to make a few more demo videos of how well the phone works to record in game content.

I have had some issues with how slippery the phone is as it will fly out of my pocket at the Gym when listening to music.

Next is the slow motion camera. which in our house my wife has stolen to overly record our dogs constant failings. She says shes happy its not on her S6 (Or she has not found it if it is) as she would get nothing done haha
Poor Al Pacino is anything but coordinated.

Slow Motion records at 720P 240 FPS it says so not half bad and will have to test this next time I go shooting

Thus far the Galaxy S7 has won me over and the Note 3 will be rehomed as the in game recording is a great feature for anyone wanting to get into basic youtube videos or app reviews.

Hope to have a few more updates in the coming week was out all last night and this morning so testing has not been as extreme as I would like