The number my life long philosophy

Ever since I was young I watched people do all they could for the all mighty dollar.
I watched people stab their coworkers in the back, fail their personal health and worse of all neglect their families till they are hated by their children and divorced and alone.

When I caught myself following this path years ago I decided instead of focusing on my career over anything else I would set a number once that number was met I would not gun for that next promotion, I would not fill every day with overtime but instead I would focus on all the things that brought me joy. I would pour that time and energy into myself, my family and my passions.

I met that number a few years back and even with higher cost of living I am still able to live a great life.

How I calculated my personal number is I had to make enough to afford the following without stress.
Essential utilities
Occasional fun
Ability to save for large purchases and retirement.

For each person this maybe a different list and number but in the end look at your life and look at those living at the top of your work/corporate food chain. Though some may still have great lives many of them are on their 2nd 3rd or tenth marriage, their children hate them and they are always stressed.

Live your life to the fullest and do not be afraid to make sacrifices and compromises but those should never be in the form of your family or your health. There is always another job, another class and another chance for success. There may never be another chance to keep your families love and respect.

I thought I would share this little bit as I have seen too many others have all that they neglected taken from them then after it is too late they spiral into depression and regret.

Do not make your career your identity make your life, love, passion, family and talents your identity.


Nice views…I agree completely.

Work to live, don't live to work.