Time to smoke a ham :)

This year I was lazy and bought all the things to make a double smoked ham

Pecan/honey ham time

In 5 hours it should be done 🙂

Almost forgot how I made this ham.

Step one bought a pork brine mix and made enough to brine the ham over night
Step two an Hour before smoking I heated up 1/4 cup mustard with 1/2 cup honey and heated till liquid state.
Step three cover the ham in the honey and mustard mix.
Step four cover in whatever rub you like and wrap in tin foil and chill for an hour.
Step five set smoker to 240 for 4 hour smoking or 220 for around 5 hour. Make sure internal temp when done is 100. Also for smoke use whatever type you like best I recommend apple wood.

Almost done

It's now out wrapped in tin foil and a towl and put in a cooler to get the juices mixing.

Dinner in an hour now haha