Friend's build

Hey all. I figured I would get a head start on putting some info here. Hopefully the build will be happening over the next couple days.

Build is for a friends teenage son. He saved up and wanted to splurge on a nice PC. No desire to overclock, but wanted potential for SLI. Tried for black and red. I didn't make decisions on the parts though…I made recommendations and he made the final call.

Parts list:
SSD: BX100 250gb
HDD: Barracuda 2tb
GPU: MSI GTX970 Gaming
CPU: i7 6700 (stock heatsink)
MOB: Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI
RAM: Ripjaws red 2x8gb 2400mhz
WIFI: ASUS PCIE-AC56 (he likely won't be able to go wired)

The big question mark is the case. He ordered one that didn't come in and is going tomorrow to a local shop. Hopefully it works out well.

Update: case is a Corsiar SPEC-02

Update 2: See below for some build pics:

Great rig. make sure to post some pictures of the build as I would love to see how the board and GPU look together 🙂

I will try to get some pics as we go. Should be putting it together tomorrow night.

He picked up a Corsair SPEC-02 today for the case. Hopefully the build goes without issue…fingers crossed.

Alright…finally made some progress. Pics are just from my phone and the lighting is bad, so don't have high expectations.
Here's the main components.

MOB/RAM/CPU installed in case:

Almost complete:

First Powerup (my phone would not get the MSI lighting on the GPU to come out clear…actually quite nice):

All closed up (you can see the blue light behind from the ASUS PCIE WIFI card)

Front view:

Comments and points from the build:

1. He is planning on getting 2 more red LED fans, putting both in the front, moving the current one to the back, and putting the unlit fan as a top exhaust.

2. Motherboard seems quite nice, but it is not full width. I very much dislike installing the 24pin while supporting the MOB with just my fingers.

3. The lit up red strip at the top of the case can be setup to pulse/stay on/go with audio along with the orange lighting on the MOB. We still have to install some MOB software to see exactly how much it can be customized.

4. The Case: The SPEC-02 seems like a great case for the price. It is very light (including thin side panels), but still very solid. No rubber grommets and a cheap filter on the bottom are negatives, BUT at this price I will take that over no filter any day. Of note is the fact that the 8 pin CPU power cutout is pretty much under the top left of the MOB. Luckily this PSU had ribbon cables making this a non-issue (as long as you run the cable before installing the MOB), but if your PSU is not ribbon I can pretty much guarantee its going to have to go across the motherboard vice using the cutout.

5. The PSU: Perfect. It was my first time with ribbon cables, which turned out to be a great thing in this build. However, I still think braided looks better going to the GPU. PCIE cables have two 6+2 pins on a single cable. This is convenient, but is there any concerns with over drawing on the one set of wires?

Still have to get some games installed, check temps out, and test it out. I will update as required.

great looking build, every time I see that Heroes of the Storm logo I get Riders on the Storm stuck in my head 😛

would love to see what temps the non K series get.

Tell him to get a Hue+ that rig needs custom lighting 😄

great work keep up the awesome builds