I am trying to determine how best to setup my home server. I just recently had to nuke my Windows 10 setup as a piece of software I updated that I run on my server causes the system to become unresponsive at times when it is downloading. I've tried reverting to older version but I believe it's screwed with some registries in windows.

I picked up Windows Server 2016 with the thoughts of using it but I keep getting an error when trying to install 3.5 .Net Framework which DriveBender requires in order to install/run.

What I have right now if Win10 was working:
Sonarr to manage my tv collection and gather additional media information
Couch Potato to manage my movies collection and gather additional media information.
X software that's being faulty
DriveBender which runs a drive pool for me so everything, those programs and external users (Kodi and just regular drive storage) sees it as one drive. Currently this drive pool hosts 1 2TB, 2 4TB and 1 6TB HDDs.

Now, should I just go back to a fresh Win10 install and hope X software will work this time or try a different OS. Is a drive pool my best option still as I don't care about HDD redundancy, I haven't liked raids as if RAID 0 fails everything is gone, not just the single drive that died. Everything I've listed will also run on Linux except for DriveBender, is there a similar drive pool out there that's fairly straight forward that will perform load balancing among drives. Hell should I even be load balancing anyways, Linux friend of mine thinks I should just go to Linux and mount the separate drives, store high importance items on a low access drive and everything else on the higher access/write drives.