Vote for Ben (Contest Rigging)

Hey guys… My girlfriend is trying to win a contest to get a painting down for her mom. The artist is holding the contest on Facebook and you can vote once per day but you also have to vote for 2 others to prevent over voting on a single entry.

If you guys would be so awesome to help her win this it would be really appreciated (even if she doesn't win the help will be appreciated).

You do need to have a Facebook account so take that into account as well.

I've attached a picture of Ben as well as the link..


I voted but still confused how there's 2 pit Bulls from Ontario on there as they are banned province wide there. We ended up with our last dog from Ontario as he was either to be exported or put down.

Good luck

I voted too. Good luck!

Pitbull laws in ON is a joke. Unless its a recognized Pitbull breed AND reg'ed as such… its not legally a pitbull. You can call it an Olde English Bulldogge and have it reg'ed with the OEB for IIRC 25 bucks... and thus it not longer a 'pitbul' its a OEB!  All that legislation did was harm legit breeders of APT, EBT, and other 'bull' terrier breeds.

Stupid is as stupid does when it comes to ON gov.

Thanks guys.. Apparently a dog with a shower cap is a better choice LOL.