DOOM (2016)

DOOM – Launch Trailer – 01:03
— Bethesda Softworks

Anyone else playing?
Not sure about other deals but GMG has a 20%-off code at the moment.

Anyone else notice the re-sampling of the original music in that trailer 😄

Looks great but I made my choice for this months game and I have to deal with that choice, I chose battleborn haha and actually like it alot.

I'll get doom on the next steam sale or something

Crap, completely forgot about when this game was coming out, onto the list it goes.

What a launch trailer. Get pumped up.

So…raising this thread from the dead.

Many people playing still? I am have been surprised how well my 280X can get through the game on ultra, though I have toned 2-3 settings back to keep everything >60fps.

Is multiplayer alive? I have let it try and find a match for 15minutes or so, with nothing more than a couple people join and leave again. No one plays multiplayer?

I still need to finish it, but my PC has been in a box for a month. Never tried multiplayer though as I..uh…can't ::)

Are you guys playing on the Vulkan API? I have the image but how much is it installed wise? Because I mean the image alone is 62 GB, because I am worried about my SSD space running out. I wonder how my 290X would rip through this game. Would I be able to play on the highest settings at 1080p?